Introducing Grillsmith, where culinary passion meets affordability and flavor innovation. We pride ourselves on being an emerging fast-food, semi-premium concept diner.

In crafting the visual identity for our brand, we've strategically centered our theme on a young and energetic vibe marching the chaotic environment of a restaurant kitchen. This choice isn't arbitrary; it's a deliberate move to resonate with the dynamic spirit of our target audience; which predominantly comprises the middle and upper-middle class. Recognizing the significance of infusing a sense of playfulness into our brand, we have meticulously selected a typography style that injects a fun element and exudes vibrant character.

Moreover, considering our audience's demographic profile, we've added a touch of premium and international flair to the logo. This not only aligns with the aspirational qualities of the middle class but also positions our brand to be distinctly memorable among the youth and middle-aged segments. The intent is not just to be another brand; it's about creating an identity that stands out in the minds of our audience, reflecting their energy and aspirations.

This approach aims not just for visibility but for a connection that resonates with the lifestyle and preferences of our target consumers.

Client: Joseph Thomas, India
Project Type: Art Direction | Branding & Brand Identity 
Year: 2023

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